Keeping HGV and LGV Drivers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many of us are now getting used to life amid COVID-19, and over the last year what with multiple lockdowns and disruption there has been a growth in demand for delivery drivers and supply chain workers. Everyone must do their bit to keep safe amid COVID-19, but this can be particularly challenging for LGV and HGV drivers due to the nature of their work – here’s our top tips for keeping drivers safe.

Safety first! Those in charge of loading sites must make sure everyone is safe at all times, following current government guidance. That includes site workers and drivers, who may be from other sites, and how they interact and support one another.

Access to facilities. Drivers must have access to toilets and handwashing facilities whilst on site – it is a legal requirement. Make sure facilities are well sign posted and consider ways to keep everyone safe, including providing separate facilities where possible.

Ensure social distancing. If you have a break room or driver waiting room, ensure users keep to social distancing rules. Put up signage and provide handwashing and sanitation facilities. Depending on the site, if social distancing is not possible drivers could as a temporary measure wait in their cabs, as long as driver and worker safety is adhered to.

You can find out more by visiting the government website:

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