Accident Procedures & Speed Awareness

Module 10 - Accident Procedures & Speed Awareness

Maximun 20 Delegates

Session 1

15 Minutes

Introduction to course, aims and objectives.

Session 2

15 Minutes

UK Accident Statistics and Fatality Percentages. Vulnerable road users and accident locations.

  • What causes accidents?
  • Vulnerable locations (accident blackspots).
  • Accident statistics, types of road user and vehicles.
  • Has the accident rate gone up or down in the last 5-years.

Why we have accidents and the reasons behind them.

Session 3

15 Minutes

What constitutes a Road Traffic Accident? Vehicles, people, property and animals.

Action to be taken by the driver at the scene and away from the scene.

  • What constitutes an accident, types of damage?
  • What the drivers have to do at the scene of an accident.
  • What has to happen following the accident, what documentation, notification are required.

What do in the event of death or injury, and who we have to give our documents to and the time scales.

Session 4

20 Minutes

Accident Reports, Detail, Content and level of information to be given. Insurance Company requirements and conditions.

  • Why accident reports are likely to be required.
  • What details the accident report must contain with reference to the accident.
  • The importance of photographs and sketches to be completed at the scene.

Why we should never admit liability at the scene

Session 5

30 Minutes

The effects of Speed and how they are a contributing factor to Accidents

  • How speed can be a contributing factor in road traffic accident that causes death or serious injury.
  • The statistics that contribute to death and fatality on the road.
  • Relative speed and how it affects impact speed
  • The cost of a fatality on the road to the tax payer.

Why speed is so dangerous, and our awareness and ability

Break 15 Minutes

Session 6

25 Minutes

Speed Awareness and Stopping Distances in reference to large commercial vehicles

  • Stopping distances and how they can be affected.
  • The consequences of tailgating and the accident triangle.

Session 7

15 Minutes

Speed Limits for all Classes of Vehicles, The Penalties and Enforcement

  • Speed limits for cars.
  • Speed limits for medium sized goods vehicles.
  • Speed limits for large goods vehicles.

Penalties and punishments for speeding.

Session 8

15 Minutes

Speed Limiters on Goods Vehicles and film GOTCHA (Speed Cameras)

  • Speed cameras, their purpose and how they came into existence.

Why we have speed limiters on vehicles, and why they have to be calibrated and maintained.

Session 9

30 Minutes

Technology in cabs benefits and distraction

  • Discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of technology in the cab.
  • How it can assist in vehicle and driver security.
  • How it can aid customer retention, compliance and fuel saving.

How cameras, satellite navigation, mobile phones and telematics can be to our advantage and disadvantage.

Session 10

15 Minutes

Poor Weather Driving and the effects under different conditions

  • Talk about the different types of weather and how it can affect us and the vehicle.
  • How weather can affect vehicle stability and stopping distances.
  • The importance of tyres, tyre inflation and the affects it can have on the vehicle with regard to aquaplaning.
  • High winds, and how it can affect vehicle stability, what actions should be taken and how we can source advanced weather information as a preventative measure.

Discussion on driving in severe weather and tips on what to do in those situations.

Session 11

15 Minutes

Course Summary and review, Evaluation and feedback

Course End 3.5hrs