Safe Loading

Module 4 - Safe Loading 3.5hrs

Maximun 20 Delegates

Session 1

20 Minutes

Introduction to course, aims and objectives.

Session 2

20 Minutes

Approved Codes of Practice and legislation relevant to safe loading of goods vehicles:

  • Overview of DfT Code of practice –Safety of Loads on Vehicles
  • Drivers’ responsibility for the safety of loads on vehicles under the Road Traffic Act and Construction and Use regulations
  • Potential penalties for unsafe loads

Session 3

30 Minutes

Forces acting against the vehicle

  • Centrifugal forces, inertia, acceleration
  • Requirements for load restraint in forward, sideway and reverse direction.
  • how these forces can affect vehicle handling characteristics.

Session 4

60 Minutes

How to secure various types of load, types of load restraining equipment and how to use them to the maximum benefit:

  • Use of ratchet straps
  • Use of chains and tensioners
  • Headboards and bulkheads
  • Positioning and re-positioning loads
  • Safety issues during loading/unloading.
Break 15 Minutes

Session 5

10 Minutes

DVSA Good Practice DVD

4:00 minutes duration

Session 6

15 Minutes

Height restrictions and low bridges,

  • Bridge markings, route planning to avoid low bridges
  • In cab height markings
  • Action to be taken in event of a bridge strike

Projecting loads, marking requirements and police notification for oversized loads.

Session 7

30 Minutes

Maximum weights for goods vehicles,

  • Maximum weights for different vehicle configurations
  • Width and length limits
  • Overloading
  • DVSA weight checking and overloading action.
  • Agencies involved in enforcement of load safety requirements.

Consequences of getting it wrong –summary of how to keep it right.

Session 8

15 Minutes

Course review, Evaluation and feedback.