Digital Tachograph Operation

Module 2 - Digital Tachograph Operation 3.5hrs

Maximun 20 Delegates

Session 1

20 Minutes

Introduction to course, aims and objectives.

Session 2

30 Minutes

Introduction to Digital Tachograph equipment

  • Discussion about the History and evolvement of the Tachograph
  • Different types of Tacho in operation
  • How each Tachograph is used to Record
  • What does the tachograph record

Session 3

40 Minutes

Digital Tachograph cards and types. Lost, stolen and faulty card procedures including making legal records

  • Discuss what each Digi Card is used for
  • Use Diagrams to show the different digi cards
  • What to do when you lose your digi card
  • Processes to follow in the event the card is lost or stolen
  • Record keeping for lost Digi Cards

Session 4

20 Minutes

Digital Tachograph operational characteristics, location of operating controls and functionality.

  • Discuss Benefits of the Digital Tacho
  • What and how the tacho records
  • Using the tachograph
  • Functionality of the different buttons and how to use them
Break 15 Minutes

Session 5

40 Minutes

How to make manual entries and navigate the menu scroll system and functionality.

  • Discuss the LAW regarding making manual entries
  • Give Demonstration using simulator
  • Invite delegates to have a try on the simulator

Session 6

20 Minutes

Print out types and interpretation of data on the printout.

  • Show how to make Tacho printouts using Simulator
  • Go through printout line for line
  • Explain each ICON on printout
  • Record keeping for printouts

Session 7

25 Minutes

Operating the different brands of Digital Tachograph Unit.

  • Manual demonstation of the dfference between analogue and digi tacho.
  • Delegates to Complete analogue tachograph.
  • Update on new tachograph units coming into force.

Session 8

15 Minutes

Course review, Evaluation and feedback.

Course End 3.5hrs