Dangerous Goods Awareness

Module 12 - Dangerous Goods Awareness

Maximun 20 Delegates

Session 1

10 Minutes

Session One – Introduction.

Introduction, course aim and objectives, housekeeping. This session is intended to discuss any issues experienced by the delegates that may have influenced their taking this course.

Session 2

20 Minutes

Session Two – Dangerous Goods Legislation: Road, Rail & Sea.

Identify the legislation that applies to each mode of transport and how it affects the transport operation. This will result in the subject matter being varied dependant on those present allowing the instructor to shape the training to fit with the scope of operations.

Session 3

15 Minutes

Session Three – Technical Terms.

Understand the terms used in connection with Dangerous goods and how they relate to our working practices.

Session 4

20 Minutes

Session Four – Introduction to United Nations Numbers & Classes.

Identify the type of dangerous goods by their hazard class; discuss how UN numbers are used.

Session 5

15 Minutes

Session Five – Transport Units – Bulk and Tank Transport.

Identify the types of transport unit available and any limitations that may apply to each. This session may be flexible in order to suit the delegates attending. Where Bulk and Tank transport is not used additional time will be spent on packaged dangerous goods.

Session 6

20 Minutes

Session Six – Transport Units – Packages, Transport Categories & LQs.

Recognise the requirements for packaged transport, categorisation, excepted quantities and limited quantities. Discuss how the requirements are met.

Session 7

10 Minutes

Session Seven – Revision Session.

Discuss the subjects covered so far in this training session. This session is designed to allow for delegate questions and to clear up any doubts from the sessions discussed.

Break 15 Minutes

Session 8

20 Minutes

Session Eight – Loading, Handling and Storage Requirements.

Understand the requirements for the safe loading, handling and storage of dangerous goods. Summarise the standards applied to receptacles used for the transport of dangerous goods

Session 9

15 Minutes

Session Nine – Marking and Placards – Packages.

Identify what markings packaged goods must have and why. Discuss the requirements for over packs and any ancillary actions needed.

Session 10

15 Minutes

Session Ten – Marking and Placards – Transport Units.

Identify the key components of the transport unit marking system. Discuss multi modal transport issues and how this would affect markings

Session 11

10 Minutes

Session Eleven – Transport Unit safety equipment and crew PPE.

Identify what safety equipment must be carried on the vehicle. Understand the Personal Protective Equipment requirements imposed on crew

Session 12

15 Minutes

Session Twelve – Transport Documentation and Instruction in Writing.

Identify the various types of documentation required for dangerous goods transport. Discuss the requirements for ensuring proper documents are kept. Understand the requirements for instructions in writing

Session 13

15 Minutes

Session Thirteen – Dangerous Goods Security.

Summarise the general requirements for security of dangerous goods both at storage facilities and during transport activities

Session 14

10 Minutes

Course Summary and review, Evaluation and feedback.

Course End 3.5hrs