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Why you must avoid using your phone whilst driving

Using mobile phones whilst driving was banned way back in 2003. However, even today we still find people using their phones whilst behind the wheel. Whilst checking the road traffic news or a quick look at your messages may seem harmless, these actions can be life threatening. One in four road accidents are caused in […]

What to expect when driving on rural roads

Roads come in all shapes and sizes! And at times, LGV drivers will find themselves faced with driving on VERY rural roads! Roads like this can be very different from motorways – here’s what to expect when driving on rural roads. The roads can be narrow! Narrow roads can make it difficult to see around […]

Are drivers at risk from air pollution?

HGV Drivers spend many hours on the road, it’s part of the job. And whilst we may not immediately think that air pollution is something that those inside vehicles need to worry about, the reality is that drivers are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to traffic induced air pollution. In some studies, […]

Drive Safely in the Snow

It’s that time of year where most of us across the country are expecting a wintry snap. Snow can cause hugely hazardous conditions, and it’s even more important for LGV and HGV drivers to be fully prepared – here’s our top tips. Make sure you are prepared. It’s important to make sure you’re ready to […]

Stay on track with your driving hours

Despite all the pressures being faced by the supply chain at the moment, it’s important to stay safe when driving for a living. For example, it’s easy to accidentally drive longer than legally allowed and tempting to do so when deadlines are tight. But it’s definitely not worth this risk to a professional driver! Driving […]

What are the UK’s top service stations?

If you drive for a living across the country, it’s handy to know what makes a welcoming and well stocked service station, and where they are. So, in case you missed it, Which named the top 5 service stations across the UK – And here they are! Gloucester Services, Gloucestershire (M5) Tebay Services, Cumbria (M6) […]

Fuel saving tips for LGV drivers

Fuel continues to be a huge expense in the logistics sector, and as such it’s vital that LGV drivers remember to consider fuel efficiency when driving. Here’s our top tips! Have you got cruise control? Cruise control is becoming more and more standard in LGVs, and for a good reason – computers can calculate correct […]

Why more women are considering a career in LGV driving

LGV and HGV driving has been a lucrative career choice for a long time, with many people enjoying the flexibility and financial rewards from driving for a living. But traditionally speaking it’s mostly been men that have taken up these types of roles, and whilst it’s clear that the sector is still dominated by male […]

What to know when long distance LGV driving

Long distance lorry driving is a rewarding career with excellent benefits. It can also be fast paced and busy, and learning how to manage large vehicles over long distances is key to a long and successful driving career. Here’s our top tips. You’re bigger than everyone else! Spatial awareness if key when driving large vehicles […]

How to drive safely in the rain

Clearly based in the UK the one thing you can expect from the weather is rain. For those who drive for a living, it’s important that they remain safe whilst on the road during rainy conditions. Here’s how. Slow down! The speed limit is designed for ideal conditions – rain is certainly not ideal. Your […]