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What are the pros and cons of electric vehicles?

More and more organisations and supply chains are going eco friendly and electric vehicles are becoming ever more popular as a solution to the huge amount of pollution caused by traffic. Some in the logistics sector are starting to move to electric HGVs, but will we see full electric fleets anytime soon? What are the […]

Driving Offences: What you need to know

If you drive for a living, your licence is of utmost importance, and driving offences can complicate matters. Here’s everything you need to know about what to do if you have or acquire a driving offence if you drive for a living. What driving offence? There are a wide number of driving endorsements a driver […]

How to avoid driver fatigue

Shift working can at times mean that drivers find it difficult to get the adequate sleep and rest they require, especially if they are working through unsociable hours. Sleep deprivation can have massive consequences, especially for long distance drivers – here’s some top tips for avoiding mistakes. Remember the rules. You shouldn’t be driving for […]

Stay sane in your next traffic jam

Unfortunately, traffic jams are something that many of us, including those who drive for a living, can’t avoid for long. As our roads become more congested, it’s likely we’ll be hit with heavy traffic more and more. So how can you stay sane and safe during the next traffic jam? Take a break! If heavy […]

What is CPC driver training?

Are you looking to kick start your driving career but not sure where to start with CPC driver training? We offer affordable and flexible CPC training according to your needs. But what is CPC training and why do drivers need it? The Driver CPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) is required by anyone wanting to […]

IMPORTANT for Drivers: London’s DVS and LEZ Changes

LGV and HGV drivers face more legislation than most on the road, and keeping up to date with any updates or changes is important. Are you aware of recent changes to LEZ and London’s new DVS schemes? Last week on Monday 1st March the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) came into force in London. It means […]

Keeping HGV and LGV Drivers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many of us are now getting used to life amid COVID-19, and over the last year what with multiple lockdowns and disruption there has been a growth in demand for delivery drivers and supply chain workers. Everyone must do their bit to keep safe amid COVID-19, but this can be particularly challenging for LGV and […]

IR35: What you need to know

IR35 was due to come into effect back in April 2020, but with the coronavirus pandemic the rollout was delayed until April 2021. But what is IR35, does it affect you, and what changes do you need to make when working? If you are a driver operating via a Limited company, IR35 means you may […]

LGV/HGV Drivers – stay safe whilst driving in the snow

We’re all expecting some snow in the next few weeks – and snow unfortunately can cause a lot of disruption on the roads. It’s vital that LGV and HGV drivers take extra precautions when driving in the snow – here’s what to look out for. Be prepared for anything. Take the essential things you need […]

EU – UK New Haulage Market Access Rules

The deal is done and now, after 4 years, the UK is about to enter a new trade agreement with the EU. But what does that mean for logistics, and drivers who regularly travel between the UK and the EU? Here’s a few headlines on what to expect. The existing Community Licence has been replaced […]