Health & Safety for Drivers

Module 5 - Health & Safety for Drivers

Maximun 20 Delegates

Session 1

20 Minutes

Introduction to course, aims and objectives.

Session 2

25 Minutes

Basic principles and responsibilities under H&SAW Act (Sections 2, 3, 7 & 8), Management of Health & Safety at Work (Section 14). Health & Safety cases affecting drivers.

  • Talk about the H&S act 1974 and why it was written
  • Difference between Sect 2 & 3
  • Difference between Sect 7 & 8
  • What is Employee responsibility
  • What is Employer responsibility

Go through case studies with group and ask what section of legislation is relevant under the act.

Session 3

30 Minutes

Safety on Sites, your own site, the customers site and when checking the vehicle at the roadside.

  •  What are the causes of accidents in the workplace
  •  How to prevent accidents in the workplace
  •  Risk assessing the work place
  •  3rd Party and offsite risk assessing
  •  Vigilant all the time
  •  Show videos and Slides of potential accident situations.

Session 4

30 Minutes

Safe manoeuvring of vehicles, the use of trained banksmen and workplace transport safety.

  • Why is reversing a H&S black hole!!
  • How can reversing be minimised
  • How can best practices make reversing safer
  • Audible warning signs.
  • Law & Legislation regarding blind reversing
  • Usage of a banksman and what the signals are
Break 15 Minutes

Session 5

30 Minutes

The dangers of working at height, slips, trips and fall from height.

  • Law regarding working at heights.
  • Reasonable precautions to take when working at heights.
  • Clean and tidy work environment
  • Show video footage of accidents that have arose from working at heights
  • What PPE should be worn when in the workplace.

Session 6

45 Minutes

Manual handling regulations and basic principles.

  • What is manual handling
  • How can manual handling be avoided / minimised
  • MHE that can be used.
  • Planning of all types of manual handling exercises
  • Carrying out risk assessments for manual handling.
  • How to lift correctly
  • Discuss the Anatomy of the back

Session 7

15 Minutes

The issue and use of Personal Protective Equipment. How to look after it and store it safely.

  • What is the correct PPE for the given task.
  • Law regarding usage
  • Who should supply PPE
  • The effects of not using PPE

Session 8

15 Minutes

Course Evaluation and Feedback

Course End 3.5hrs