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Drivers Hours & WTD / Digital Tachograph -

Drivers Hours & WTD / Digital Tachograph

Module 1 - Drivers Hours & WTD. 3.5hrs

Maximun 20 Delegates

Session 1

20 Minutes

Introduction to course, aims and objectives.

Session 2

25 Mins

Introduction to Drivers Hours regulations and GB Domestic Drivers Hours.

  • Group Discussion on Driver CPC and how it came about
  • Discuss CPC exemptions and why
  • Show newspaper reports / fines for not following Legislation
  • Explain the rules governing Domestic Hours
  • Mixing EU with Domestic Hrs
  • Explain EU Exemptions.

Session 3

30 Mins

EU regulation 561/2006; driving limits, break requirements. Daily and Weekly Rest requirements.

  • Go through the basics of EU561/2006 Legislation
  • What a driver show know and why
  • Show ways to remember the legislation
  • Round the room interactive discussion about the need for rules
  • ENSURE group buy-in participation for continuing to next section.

Session 4

30 Mins

  • Split rests, Rest on board ferries and trains, multi-manning requirements.
  • Group Discussion about the different ways rest can be recorded.
  • Show explanatory diagrams for each different type of rest
  • Discuss the legalities of multi-manning
  • Do the group understand the different requirements for rest and why
Break 15 Minutes

Session 5

45 Mins

Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations; Working time limits, break requirements and Periods of Availability.

  • WTD as secondary legislation to EU Leg.
  • Combining WTD with EU561/2006
  • POA Explanation and when/why to record
  • Recording of WTD for Driver and Employer
  • WTD Governing Bodies.
  • WTD easy way to stop 6hr rule infringement process

Session 6

45 Mins

Record keeping requirements under EU regulation 3821/85.

  • Penalties for infringements. Completing Analogue Tachograph records and care of charts.
  • Discussion of Financial penalties
  • Impact of financial penalties
  • Loss of licence / loss of Income
  • Group Discussion relating to Traffic Commisioner and what happens
  • How to avoid getting penalties.

Session 7

15 Mins

Evaluation exercise & Feedback Form Completion.

Course End 3.5hrs