Be careful when driving in hot weather

Summer is on its way! We’re very excited for the warm weather, but it’s vital for those driving for a living that they stay safe when driving long distances in hot conditions. Here’s how.

How are your tyres? Hotter temperatures can cause your tyre pressure to go up – Make sure you regularly check your tyre pressure, as if that pressure gets too high, there could be serious consequences…

Watch out for the vehicle overheating. If your vehicle starts to overheat, pull over as soon as you can, turn off the engine, and let the vehicle have time to cool down. If you can’t pull over immediately, turn your vehicle heating on to divert heat out of the engine. Slightly uncomfortable, but completely worth it.

Check your fluids. We don’t just mean take lots of water with you on your journey – Make sure your coolant, windscreen, brake, transmission fluid and oil are all topped up. These basic checks can make all the difference in avoiding your vehicle overheating.

Look after yourself. Make sure your vehicle is well ventilated and be sure to take regular breaks – the heat can leave drivers feeling lethargic if there’s not a steady supply of fresh air.

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