Why more women are considering a career in LGV driving

LGV and HGV driving has been a lucrative career choice for a long time, with many people enjoying the flexibility and financial rewards from driving for a living. But traditionally speaking it’s mostly been men that have taken up these types of roles, and whilst it’s clear that the sector is still dominated by male drivers, things are slowly starting to change. For women, there has never been a better time to consider LGV driving for a living!

Technology has changed the role of drivers for the better – where previously strength and size of workers was an important factor, this is no longer the case, with new technology opening up the role to more people.

With the shortage of drivers continuing to be a huge problem for multiple supply chains, encouraging more women to apply for LGV driving roles could be a fantastic solution to solving the shortage problem but also diversifying the sector.

There are many benefits to LGV driving for a living. Lots of organisations can offer flexibility on work shifts, and the financial benefits are huge!

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