Why you must avoid using your phone whilst driving

Using mobile phones whilst driving was banned way back in 2003. However, even today we still find people using their phones whilst behind the wheel. Whilst checking the road traffic news or a quick look at your messages may seem harmless, these actions can be life threatening.

One in four road accidents are caused in some way mobile phone usage. A split second distraction from the road can cause multiple fatalities if you’re not careful, especially if you are driving a heavy goods vehicle.

Any LGV driver found using a handheld phone whilst behind faces losing their licence and therefore their livelihoods. Is it really worth it?

Employers are also responsible for making sure there is no mobile phone usage behind the wheel. Employers must have clear mobile phone policies in place.

If you need to make contact with someone or use your phone, it is vital that you stop your vehicle fully in a safe place to use your mobile. It’s just not worth the risk.

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