Be aware when city driving

aerial photo of parking lot during daytime

HGV and LGV drivers are used to driving through lots of different terrain and weather conditions, it’s an essential part of the job – but driving through towns and cities can prove extra challenging. Here’s what to look out for.

Which way?! Some towns and cities have complex road systems to try and manage the traffic load, with some layouts leaving newbies scratching their heads in confusion. Leave more time where possible to try and navigate tricky systems.

Watch out for pedestrians! Towns and cities mean more people walking at the side and sometimes in the road in front of you – and sometimes they won’t adhere to safe road crossing. Be extra vigilant of people in the road when driving through a town or city – you’ll be surprised how many people are more interested in scrolling through their phone whilst crossing a busy road than keeping safe!

Check the restrictions. Many cities like London and other growing places are implementing road schemes to try and cut down congestion and pollution – check if you need to sign up to a scheme or obtain a licence to cross through a city just in case.

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