The coronavirus pandemic is something none of us expected this year, and it has had a huge impact on logistics. LGV and HGV Drivers are in demand more than ever, but it’s vital that drivers stay safe during these unprecedented times. Here’s how.

Make sure there are clear guidelines in place. Organisations are required to have clear COVID safety guidelines available to all those on site, including drivers who may not be on site all the time. Guidelines must take into account drivers travelling to and from sites and how everyone can stay safe at all times.

Give drivers access to the facilities. It’s a legal requirement to give any and all drivers access to toilets and hand washing facilities whilst they are on site. Signage giving directions to facilities or designating separate facilities for drivers are great ways to keep everyone safe.

Always adhere to social distancing. Provide safe break rooms or spaces for drivers, with room for everyone to social distance safely. If you’re limited on space, drivers could also wait safely in their cabs.

Stay safe everyone!

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