LGV/HGV Drivers – stay safe whilst driving in the snow

We’re all expecting some snow in the next few weeks – and snow unfortunately can cause a lot of disruption on the roads. It’s vital that LGV and HGV drivers take extra precautions when driving in the snow – here’s what to look out for.

Be prepared for anything. Take the essential things you need with you, so you can take action should challenges arise – Stock up your vehicle with de-icers, jump leads, salt, a torch, a blanket and extra coat, water and some healthy snacks.

Inspect your vehicle thoroughly. Check that your tyres are in good condition and free of snow. Clear your vehicle and lights of any excess snow. It’s also very important to check your vehicle fluids and battery.

Drive extra safely and smoothly. Make sure you give yourself plenty of room and leave lost of space between you and the vehicle in front. Take your time and drive slower than normal, keeping a consistent speed.

Keep up to date with the weather conditions. Just having the radio on in the background is enough to keep you informed should there be a big shift in the weather – really important should you need to rethink your travel.

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