What are the pros and cons of electric vehicles?

More and more organisations and supply chains are going eco friendly and electric vehicles are becoming ever more popular as a solution to the huge amount of pollution caused by traffic. Some in the logistics sector are starting to move to electric HGVs, but will we see full electric fleets anytime soon? What are the pros and cons of electric vehicles?


Going electric clearly has a number of benefits. Running a cleaner fleet is clearly of benefit to the climate, which can be a fantastic selling point to potential customers, beyond the obvious benefits to the environment. In addition, after the initial investment electric vehicles are cheaper to run, requiring less servicing and fewer replacement parts.


Despite the benefits, there are some things to consider when looking into going electric! If overcharged, electric vehicle batteries can get damaged, and currently electric vehicles can’t do long distances on one charge. At the moment electric vehicles have a capacity of about 250-300 miles per charge, and with limited charging stations across the country this could prove a challenge for now.

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