Tackle loneliness whilst long distance driving

Do you drive long distance for a living? There are lots of benefits to driving work, including the excellent salary, flexible hours and freedom whilst working. But spending several hours alone every day at work can be challenging, and drivers should be aware of feeling lonely and how to tackle it. Here’s how.

Speak out and share how you feel. There are thousands of long distance drivers across the UK, and chances are you’ll know lots of them from your work– Speak out about how you’re feeling and share your story. Make sure your employer is aware if you’re finding things tough.

Stay in contact when you can. Call your family and friends in your break time and use social media to share pictures and keep in contact with everyone. Hearing a friendly voice can do the world of good!

Look after yourself. Eat well, take breaks when you need to, and make sure you look after yourself when you’re driving over long periods of time. Failure to do so can not only leave you feeling out of sorts but can also be dangerous when you’re driving for a long time.

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