Are drivers at risk from air pollution?

HGV Drivers spend many hours on the road, it’s part of the job. And whilst we may not immediately think that air pollution is something that those inside vehicles need to worry about, the reality is that drivers are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to traffic induced air pollution.

In some studies, air pollution has been found to be 10 times higher in vehicles than outside on the road. In addition, pollutants in the air can cause a wide range of illnesses, such as cancer, heart and respiratory disease, as well as mental health being at risk.

Organisations employing drivers must do more to ensure their team members are safe. In addition to the safety of drivers, these disorders can lead to a lack of alertness, in turn leaving other drivers at risk.

Organisations must start to invest in technology that can purify the air drivers breathe whilst driving, as well as educate drivers on the risks of air pollution and encourage drivers to care for their health and wellbeing.

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